3 Wishes & 1 Floating Session for Mama’s Birthday. Check.

We love to entertain. But since this year is not a milestone birthday, I don’t feel like to make a biggie…which if I do, I would end up doing most of the preparation myself anyway – kinda goes against the the idea that I am the birthday girl and I should be pampered, etc.

Instead, I had a very zen & content birthday, at the same time, I was showered with the best wishes from friends & families around the world via digital connections, and a beautiful bouquet my husband brought back with two little monkeys.

My wishes were once so simple sans kids, but then they are becoming so precious, especially this year my birthday falls on Sunday, it is like Christmas falls on Saturday, feel like I lose one holiday, except  I don’t get a make up day. Darn.

The most important thing is — all my birthday wishes came true:

  1.  A 90 minutes Ashtanga practice. Following by…
  2. A Thai massage that I wish it would have lasted for 3 hours, every single pore & joint was energized, can’t ask more than that. While my husband took girls out to play, and no screen time, it was my request of rule of engagement at my birthday.
  3. An elegant & exquisite & non-fatty family dinner at Pump Room – no celebrity scene on Sunday night, so I am not embarrassed with the smashed truffle fries all over the floor by the time we left.

In the end, even I didn’t have a make up holiday on Monday….I planned, and I was able to squeeze in a “floating” session at lunch time…I am well recovered from 80 hours working week prior, blood flows from brain to toes, and I am beaming again. Happy Birthday to me!


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