I Am A Mom Who Doesn’t Cook. This is How I Rock it…

I don’t cook, and I am totally envious when I see mom friends post incredible dishes they make for their kids on social media. As a result, I make impulsive purchases to acquire cooking tools that gather dust in my cabinets.

Like some mamas, I am just not interested in cooking. I enjoy it when it is an activity, an experiment, but not a task.

Most of the people in my generation growing up in Asia have a live-in nanny or take-out is merely a block away. Also eating out is a social thing with friends and families. And traditionally, Asian parents didn’t encourage their children to learn how to cook, because in their mind it is “wasting time,”—kids should focus on studying and school. Especially for boys, messing around in the kitchen was definitely a no when I was growing up. (Clearly that’s an old notion—nowadays, cooking is the enhanced value proposition for men because sexier men cook.)

Now I am a mother of a picky toddler and an infant migrating to solid food. Even though I don’t cook, my kids still need to eat! This is how I do it – Read each of the details and links to tip here.

  • Watch and collect ideas from cooking YouTube channel Tasty
  • Order mobile food
  • Make sushi
  • But great kids’ party food

    My detailed how to at NPN website here.




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